Strategic Investment Consultancy

We use a pure-consulting business model. Private investors and family offices benefit as we ask research-driven questions of experts whose interests wholly align with our clients. Red Bison Advisory Group emphasizes co-fiduciary responsibility, client advocacy, and open communication.

We strategically use our global reach to ensure our worldview and international knowledge base provides the critical understanding our investors need to be successful. While our deep-seated presence in the United States, China, the Middle East and Latin America are established assets, we continually refine our approach. Cultures transition through collaboration, and we continually strive to enhance our capabilities.

Natural Resources

Population growth taxes natural resources. Red Bison directs next generation and production facility development projects for clients ready to tap into Oil & Gas, and Fertilizer market opportunities.

A keen understanding of the public and private interests surrounding large-scale projects frames each development opportunity. Effective governance of any Natural Resources project must balance the limits of the resource with a consumption ecosystem constantly demanding more. Red Bison works closely with international legal systems to ensure each project achieves a sustainable balance.

Red Bison’s natural resources approach leverages expertise and a broad network of relationships to solve the complex challenges confronting our clients in the Oil & Gas, and Fertilizer sectors. Our consulting services provide an unmatched combination of insight and know-how, transforming knowledge into strategic and operational targets.

Real Estate Development in Partnership with Cardon Global

Red Bison in partnership with Cardon Global traverses international borders to forge progressive, transformative commercial real estate developments—developments designed to drive a global economy where international public-private partnerships fuel progress. These boundary-breaking destinations combine residential, retail, office, shopping, entertainment, public spaces and much more.

Cardon Global specializes in a disruptive approach to Public-Private-Partnerships (P3), bringing seemingly impossible international undertakings to critical mass and vibrant life. The design and construction of these truly innovative commercial real estate projects transforms the communities in which they are built. Always inspired, Cardon Global projects are frequently multi-billion dollar endeavors with multiple facets.

Our team genuinely believes that a straightforward approach is the only way to forge lasting partnerships. We’re committed to earning—and keeping—the trust of the people we work with—from development and design partners to cities and municipalities.

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    Information &
    communications technology

    Information & Communications Technology providers seek solutions which meet the demand for speed, bandwidth, and analytics, all in a secure and resilient network.

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    Strategic investment consultancy

    We use a pure-consulting business model. Private investors and family offices benefit as we ask research-driven questions of experts whose interests wholly align with our clients.

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    We recognize that understanding between countries requires communication. In every country, the national security and the economy play key roles in decision-making.

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