Red Bison Blog Post August 22

This is the first blog post from Red Bison. Created on 8/22

Innovative technology solutions allow building owners and developers the ability to offer custom, high performing WiFi services with immediate activation for the tenant. The tenant simply selects the desired Services from a website specific to the building which in turn generates a billing plan and completes the process. This is done via a user-friendly interface and a custom Home page with opportunities to sell ancillary business services and/or local advertising.

Providing WiFi at time of move-in offers significant value to the tenant. The cost of down-time for a business can be detrimental. With Red Bison solutions, WiFi is immediately switched on from an app. The tenant is no longer required to wait 2+ months to provision their communication services nor do they have to de-commission at move-out.
Committed to technology migration and standards, a network such as Red Bison will be deeply involved with the evolving 5G Cellular and WiFi standards to deliver best-in-class performance. Future technology is forecasted to support speeds of up to 20 gigabits per second with dedicated functionality. Appropriately we would offload services onto Cloud and engage with our partners in Big Data Collection/Analytics and Predictive Models.

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