About Us

Founded in 2012 by Admiral Bill Owens (ret.) and Martha Bejar, Red Bison Advisory Group empowers the ongoing expansion of business development opportunities between the United States and other nations.

We feel strongly that through our efforts, we can make a profound difference in our country. Our goal is to create value for our partners. We have a history of consulting for multibillion-dollar projects in the United States, and bringing together the best and the brightest to define, drive, and execute bold ideas. We take pride in “doing good while doing great”.

Our consulting practice is deeply involved in taking American companies into China. We have developed a wide range of relationships at the core of the Chinese government and its State Owned Enterprises. This has led to our current management of several consulting contracts for United States companies that are expanding their businesses into China. These include technology companies, energy companies and consumer products companies.

PastedGraphic-1“Red Bison Advisory Group was established to incorporate a wide variety of potential great business opportunities, but more importantly it was established to bring together some of the best people involved in the industries with which we are associated. It was established to facilitate the partnership with China and the United States to bring the best benefits for our American citizens, and to facilitate great relationships between people who matter, not only in our businesses, but also in making the world a better place. We are engaged not only in these substantial businesses, but also in philanthropies such as the Sanya Initiative, bringing generals together on both sides of the ocean and with the EastWest Institute helping to find solutions for an uncertain world. We are devoted to finding ways to establish an enduring future for the businesses that we are building. We are totally devoted to our partners, to their essential missions, and to building trust and great results through a substantial network of global friends and businesses.”
-Admiral William Owens

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    Information &
    communications technology

    Information & Communications Technology providers seek solutions which meet the demand for speed, bandwidth, and analytics, all in a secure and resilient network.

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    Strategic investment consultancy

    We use a pure-consulting business model. Private investors and family offices benefit as we ask research-driven questions of experts whose interests wholly align with our clients.

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    We recognize that understanding between countries requires communication. In every country, the national security and the economy play key roles in decision-making.

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