Large Public Venue Model


In today’s social media driven climate, Wi-Fi and the supporting network is an essential component for Large Venue Owners. The client/fan demands a successful experience within the venue often juggling several devices. Multiply that experience by thousands and the venue owner is challenged to keep up with the demand. In many cases, the current network structure in large venues cannot support the simultaneous use of smartphones, tablets and wearables. And yet, to attract and maintain customers and fans, a reliable, high performance yet cost effective network solution is critical. Red Bison Technology Group has the solution. By employing a Network as a Service (“NaaS”) service model venue owners can turn capital expenses into operating expenses while providing a network that will satisfy their discerning customer bases.

Our end to end deployment of Wi-Fi the scope of connectivity to fan experience gives large venue owners a full-service answer to their network needs. Our company offloads the challenges of providing a network and designs, installs, maintains and provides technology support. Beyond connectivity, the fan experience can start beyond the venue utilizing RBAG’s analytics, location technology and application integration capabilities. The NaaS solution can be integrated within existing infrastructure as a conversion option or designed into new venues. Our service is offered to both permanent and temporary event structures. At the forefront of our model is the bottom line to the owner and the consumer experience.

Our turn key solution helps venue owners in the following ways:

  • Providing End to End deployment of Wi-Fi networks through our network design and integration services
  • Capital expense become operating expense through our fee for service model
  • Avoid technology obsolescence with our on-going network optimization and refresh roadmaps
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce costs associated with internal IT department support
  • Managed Services for on-going management of your network
  • Strategic partnerships allow us to participate in big data collection and analytics
  • Drive fan loyalty with world class network performance along with our application development and integration

Markets served:

  • Smart Campuses
  • Smart Cities
  • Hospitality
  • Malls
  • Smart Cities
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